W naszej czasoprzestrzeni / In our space-time


fot. A. Bober

„Lubię w Julii jej swobodę milczenia. Możemy długo iść obok siebie,
nie rozmawiać i nie ma w tym niczego peszącego, przeciwnie,
fakt, że nie narzucamy sobie obowiązku mówienia, stwarza
między nami szczególny rodzaj zażyłości”.



fot. A. Bober

I envy people such emotionality, that allows them to cuddle other person reflexively, without thinking, and speak compliments without embarrassment.
I am a sensitive person, but I can not in myself trigger such spontaneity. Maybe this is a matter of embarrassment, shyness and excessive squeamishness.

I already have a „impressive” age, but still I’m like madman with an head with full of dreams (including those that are not met). Sometimes a feel like
a little girl, which fortunately did not grows up .I want to stay longer in this world, where I can believe in dreams, which can tear down wall of the uncertain a future.

you and I are still like these children, which adheres noses to the window in a compartment train , because surprising us ,what we will see behind …

I cannot be cured from feelings …IMGL4056

fot. A. Bober

I was afraid, that you will give up with my enthusiasm, with my thoughts. So often you look at me as if in disbelief.

The standards and their limits, are customary so strongly encoded in people, it’s hard for them to grasp…. that we have different perception of reality.

you have impression that I have a tended to idealize of your person, but I see in us this thread of understanding in calling certain things… we see deeper, and in there is still something – nondescriptiveness … I am sure we will find the courage, to talk about it, looking on each other

we have time, and excess sensitivity. we give all
one day , we will free as a birds

Many people are suffering from a lack of truly intimate sincerity, ability to connect with another human being, the correlation of feelings, we don’t.

I weigh the words written to you, increasingly longer I think about them, it’s probably a good thing … Considering how often we use words carelessly, and even sloppily
but of course, we never want hurt somebody

I am sure, we try to understand each other. Someone once said, that „language is not only signs of thoughts but also the signs an heart .
I know, you are this person who, strongly experiencing the world in terms of beauty and ugliness, and probably is one of the reasons , for, why I gived you, to my soul.
Our sensations wake up in us that which is individual and unique, but also for this reason we are closer ourselves.

The meaning of life? Well, I know where is the meaning of my life. life as such, does not interest me. live for through experiences, immersing oneself
in sensations.

Would call it- moments, moments, that gives us life. This is impossibly be indifferent to the reality of the moment, which just becomes
Not everything can embrace with mind, does not explain everything, but that is not our goal. Such a knowledge, experience is sometimes a treacherous.
It is better to entrust intuition.

So, let’s stay for this enchanted moment.


fot. A. Bober

We both feel this an indefinable anxiety, that accompanies us constantly.
we do not like play role someone, who agrees to a certain state of affairs, we always put a questions, because is this some unspecified anxiety inside us, this desire exploration is unsaturated. Something pulls us towards things that give a broader and thorough examination. We try to move the imagination, force yourself to think.
without limitations!

With some unspecified reason we are looking for meaning, discovering what means signs and words … I would call it such an intellectual and emotional struggle with the phenomenon
To feel this energy that triggers in us: painting, music, word. poetry, dance.
yes, you like poems, and I know,that words loves you,

we will dance again….

Why I need you, and you need me?
probably , because we both will want search in this enormity of occurrences , something, what will impress us, this one, the most important thing, which moves most tender strings.

I can not say, I was pleased with myself unit, approving everything. I would say, rather, that I am accompanied by a feeling of dissatisfaction, and it rather promotes the search for and does not lead me to stagnation, rather develops.

This feeling , is something more, because you and I, will want have a sense of breaking out of certain patterns and established standards. We can’t live
in society or group who is prudish and ossified .

Maybe this is reason, that we have sometimes doubt.

I believe in our creativity. I am sure, that we will find again in everyday life this one what will make sense.
we must remind ourselves of this unfading enthusiasm, to catch all times, when accompanied us emotions, joy and energy.

Sometimes I miss for only one reason – this smell…

Our sensitivity makes us more beautiful spiritually, lets see more and more multi-dimensional.

and remind me this song :

„And what if had never met
Passed each other against the backdrop of life?
And what if we had nothing in common
And the common fate was unsure?

Who decides,
That once upon this earth
For one moment, you and I
Find each other
And such simple event can change the whole world?

And if we never fell in love
Got lost, were late?
We would have been completely different people.
Would we be happy, who knows?”
And thank fate, because it put you on my way

I found you!!IMGL3124

fot. A. Bober

It’s wonderful, suddenly to meet, from someone we feel no embarrassment, we don’t feel the limits of confidences.

Thank you for that kind of experience of the world, because through this created something indescribable and impossible to notice.

Yeah … really good to feel the existence of a friendly soul.

I think, that what is really strong and true feeling , always must torment inside, otherwise it would not be this one „[…] because what we experience, always comes from outside us.”
Tomorrow when, I will wake up and see again your smile.
Thank you honey.