Examination of conscience

because I want dance




fot. A. Bober


Today, I asked myself a few questions, maybe it’s time to learn, how to experiences of myself – I will ask a myself , to touch a number of issues, to surprise myself …

What is my willingness to plurality of persons, to the multiplicity of exploration, towards various possibilities, with a joy, acceptance, but also the lack of response?

I do not know if I’m prepared on the lack a response, probably I must be ready, actually experienced such a state, I happened to not get answers to the most important question

Many people?
It gives extraordinary potential of thought, the multitude of people give a multiplicity of meanings and answers. I am open to the existence of the multitude, many solutions.
As for the reception …I always have a lot of fun with exploring, experiencing a variety of beings, phenomena, emotions.

I believe that love this is a touch of souls, it is creating beautiful, again. This mutual permeability. We get up in the morning, have a sleepy face, disheveled hair and still not feel embarrassed looking into the eyes of a loved one. Without this feeling that is tearing my insides, my life it would not make sense to me.
Life without odors, without sensuality, touch … I could experience in isolation, perhaps it is stronger, fuller, but I want to share my feelings, multiply them, spill, and feel acceptance, or lack thereof, but do not want to imagined my loneliness.

Do I have a reason to learn?
My curiosity stems with who I am. My mind is open to receive. I am constantly open to change processes?
Today I can not imagine my existence without them. Everything is fluid, changing more and more, faster and faster, these changes occur in front my eyes, sometimes extends beyond me, I cant see everything…
Do I have a feeling impossibility to intellectual cognition?
It happens, that I encounter with the a field or knowledge, would require with me to an even greater commitment, therefore I focus on what touches me most strongly, with all the rest have to be reconciled, to accept that it does not overtake all the knowledge, all the processes, images, words, . I am aware of the beauty, that not to experience.

tak właśnie

fot. A. Bober



Can I defeat internal and external resistance?
For this you need a large self-denial. Can I have them? Do not miss determination in overcoming the external resistance, the stronger are those for the internal may lack sufficient courage to focus on what is most important, find the right balance, selecting the „multitude” – the quintessence. It would be helpful to know how to judge their own abilities. Or should more, maybe too much succumb to fears. We must recognize that the next task is just another question and challenge process, learning does not end after all. Some of which might jeopardize my way of knowledge is just laziness. And this should meet.
I like the ease or of rebelling against?
It seems to me that I do not like when it’s easy. Rather looking for, drilling, digging in a field , I want defeat.
I can’t to be one of a million ants! Limit your life to remain in the circle of small, unimportant, minor issues and grumbling? It’s not for me.

I agree with the statement that „everything is possible and nothing is necessary.” I feel like I am surprised to discover the meanings impossible and unknown, to „dazzle”. I would like to dwell on what is fleeting, but do not forget about what tangible. Look no evaluation can always bound rather give up, look at it from another angle, explores contexts.

I encourage to:

to creativity

to aspiration

to searching

to opening

to concentration of the mind

to curiosity

to approval

to inspire

to positive emotions

To the creation BETTER PEOPLE in us