Simple story about love…


fot.A. Bober

 „Because I only exist because you exist,
and my mouth and my tongue were formed
only to say your existence
and your secret syllables, word
substance of my soul”
Octavio Paz


Film – „Japón” Carlos Reygadas was the first film of a director who I saw. I like his way of looking at the world, people and nature. Reygadas curious to us, because in a rather harsh, realistic way, using the space and nature raises important for human subjects. I saw many shades Tarkovsky’s films in his films, subcutaneously feel existentially this fascination of cinema and poetry.
This cinema Requiring patience, a tendency to contemplate, but also give the ability on mute, on discuss with myself.
Not only the image, but also the music builds great excitement and atmosphere of the movie. The viewer is the mystical atmosphere with music, Shostakovich or sinks on a moment in thought, listening Cantus – Arvo Pärt

 Imagine, however, that life can be surprising to us that suddenly we feel that day, moment, moments, when we are in amazement and astonishment to the people, nature, constantly happening, and it’s everything in between sunrise and sunset.
The most wonderful in love is it unspoken, what we can’t the to capture, call: blush on face, a look under squint eyes… sighs, gestures full of allusions, indescribable joy – until the pain and silence flows over the entire body and blissful peace of mind, because we safe, with next to loved one …

perhaps love is like silent light …

The film „Stellet licht” is full of meaning, majestic shots, the sounds of nature.
This film is built up with The emotions, not with words, sidelong glances, fine, delicate gestures and facial expressions.
It feels like emotions flows among the characters, over how strongly they are submerged in this.
And although it is very silent movie, then we feel with every frame of growing tension.
Heroes are helpless to towards feelings that awakens in them, but this is not a rebellion against the dictates of religious, ethical injunctions against, a particular order.
Is the force that triggers the desire, passion, energy, longing.
This is crazy and forbidden love, from which there is no escape, which attracts and repels at the same time. The inevitability of the storm senses and falls unexpectedly.
I remember a few scenes: awakening dawn, warm light touching the delicate curtains, subtle glances and being touch hands, and a woman who wipes the face of the bark of a tree, looking for answers in the pouring rain.

Forbidden love – about as old as the world, and yet I was enchanted by its director, film beautiful long pictures , melancholy atmosphere, perhaps also because the actors was unusual – such was the founding director, who invited people who have never dealt in acting. They are authentic Mennonites.

You are the hole in my head
You are the space in my bed
You are the silence in between what I thought
And what I said

You are the night time fear
You are the morning
When it’s clear
When, it’s over you’ll start

You’re my head
You’re my heart