when time stopped

our home

fot. A. Bober




Every day one of us, in some corner of the world, want record an unimaginable amount of fleeting moments. And so we exist more or less aware, that we had stolen the time, stopping what is this transience. And then happy to we sit comfortably in a chair and look to a small box full of photographs. with the anointing. Sometimes the running with a camera in hand and is waiting for the most important, the most appropriate moment – even more – flick on camera! – and the crumb of the present is our.

I wondered, way in us – people are irresistible desire to record the inevitable transience? What would happen if we remained only the memory? How we life with no possibility of re-watching, although in small pieces? What remained of the memories, if we were deprived of the face, voice, people, who we met on our way, forever … looking at old photos, I can not imagine this – these gestures, facial expressions, smile, the situation …