both souls

two souls
fot. A. Bober

Which kind of anxiety is a creative?

This a anxiety internal which is the source of our doubts.
That is anxiety which to rising above the sphere of pragmatism in life.
It is metaphysical anxiety. It makes us feel sometimes stranger. inner restlessness helps to find new way. we feel that I need to get away from the routine, then we will find the way to a deeper look at each other, we will be free himself from the constant ambient pressure.

Sometimes we meet a man with whom we would like to have talk in long evenings – its full of emotions and sounds.

Think aloud, to feel mutual friendly stream of consciousness.

Clean a soul, without fear of ridicule. To taste with him this world around us. Sensations not confused us. I know we both feel with all senses.
The experience is more important to us than life itself.
There is nothing more beautifuly than this, when we find someone with whom identify itself – feel his states of mind; when we feel empathy for each other.
It is a something impossible to express. Perhaps the truth lies in silence