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Os troncos das árvores

Os troncos das árvores doem-me como se fossem os meus ombros

Doem-me as ondas do mar como gargantas de cristal

Dói-me o luar como um pano branco que se rasga.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


fot. A. Bober

You…In the poem of leaves

of the light that comes with words and of images

I walk through the mystery,
in the green forest, in the voice of the trees

with thinking of your words
In the shade of the trees

Zbigniew Herbert


I would like to describe the simplest emotion
joy or sadness
but not as others do
reaching for shafts of rain or sun
I would like to describe a light
which is being born in me
but I know it does not resemble
any star
for it is not so bright
not so pure
and is uncertain
I would like to describe courage
without dragging behind me a dusty lion
and also anxiety
without shaking a glass full of water
to put it another way
I would give all metaphors
in return for one word
drawn out of my breast like a rib
for one word
contained within the boundaries
of my skin
but apparently this is not possible